Avoid Penalties

Have You Enrolled Yet? ACA Number is 1-800-318-2596

The deadline for open enrollment is now January 31, 2015 at Healthcare.gov, if you want to avoid a penalty.

Obamacare ApplicationA special application period between March 15 and April 30 has opened up for ACA enrollment for people who might have found themselves penalized under the Individual Shared Responsibility Payment. Glitches in the implementation of the ACA website at Healcare.gov, as well as issues with several state exchange websties do not excuse you from signing up for health insurance if you don't have any. If you are one of the millions of people whose policies got cancelled because they do not offer all the provisions found in the ACA, then you still have to bite the bullet and get a policy that may have higher fees and deductibles.

Young Invincibles Wanted

As the old phrase goes, "don't trust anyone over 30" but when it comes to healthcare enrollment people over that age (and government bean counters) are expecting members of this group to sign up like never before in order to balance out the high costs generated by people in older age groups who like to visit doctors periodically so they don't die. Young people, who really don't use health insurance that often, and probably don't need to buy it when not compelled by Federal Law, are expected to sign on to pay hundreds of dollars per month for coverage they may choose not to use. If they don't want to pay for monthly healthcare, they have to pay $95. Naturally, this fine is expected to go up and may be indexed to your adjusted gross income.

Open Enrollment Deadline Approacheth

If you missed out on getting insurance on the due date and beyond due to life changes or strange new glitches in the Healthcare.gov website, you still have time to try and see if all the glitches have been worked out of the system. You may still have a qualifying life event, disaster, or other situation that allows you to get enrolled into the system. Have you moved to another state, or feel like you were misled by someone who is not an official provider? There are ways you can sign up if you need to get healthcare for your family or yourself. You can also sign up through health insurers or navigators who may break out a paper form to get you signed up and determine your eligibility for subsidies under the affordable care act. Your employer (assuming you are not one of the millions of people who gave up looking for work) may offer insurance if they have not been forced to cancel the affordable coverage they had. If you are unemployed, you may qualify for Medicaid under state exchanges, and if you are elderly or poor you may also qualify. Sure, insuring all these people may bankrupt states after the Federal Government drops subsidies over the next few years, and doctors' offices may be jammed up with people who come in for minor ailments, but at least you have a hedge agaist catastrophic illnesses. .