Low Cost Insurance Coverage

Little Surprises Around Every Corner

Please note: the primary way to sign up for insurance under the ACA is to go to healthcare.gov and sign up using the interface which took some time to fix. If you want to see what a billion dollar website looks like, there is no better place to visit and try to shop for insurance. A hallmark of the Obamacare application is the number of questions designed to determine whether you could get any other private or public insurance policy before qualifying for ObamaCare. This means that your income, membership in a tribe, eligibility for another plan, or relationship to a parent or spouse may man that you don't qualify for the Affordable Care Act.

In order to fill out the form properly, you will need social security numbers and employer and pay information on everyone in your household.

Seek Other Options First

Because the questionnaire is lengthy, and designed to disqualify people from eligibility wherever possible, it may make more sense to do your own homework to see if you can get affordable coverage and avoid the fine associated with failing to get your own coverage. Or, you could just pay the fine if it is cheaper. Essentially, if you can get coverage through Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, your employer, a parent (if under 26) or a spouse, then you will have less of a headache than filling out this crazy form.

Help From Navigators

Note that under the original idea for the Affordable Care Act, "Navigators" from state sponsored health insurance exchanges would be there to help people get through up to 1,000 different questions regarding the application process. Some of these questions will need to be answered by your employer and you will need data from your other household members.