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Limited Number of State Insurance

Note: The 2016 open enrollment period ends on the state and Federal exchanges on January 31, 2016. Many states will be opting out of the exchanges now that the Supreme Court says they don't have to have one in order for people to get subsidies, and many state exchanges were huge money losers with websites that were just as bad as the site. If you do not find your state here, you can sign up at assuming that the site works, which it does not as of October 1st.

In 34 states, the Federal Government operates healtcare exchanges by way of the site, but we do have a list of states where you would sign up directly.

How To Navigate Exchanges.

Preparation is key. Have your social security number, identifying information from your employer, and your income information like a recent tax form and pay stubs available. You may not need to sign up if you can get coverage from your employer, and in fact you may not qualify for the exchanges if you can get this coverage through your job or your spouse or maybe your parents if you are under 26. Luckily for you, if you aren't sure the process of signing up will tell you, assuming it works, which it should if you give it time.

The List:

California Healthcare Marketplace
Connect for Health Colorado Healthcare Marketplace
Connecticut (Access Health CT) Healthcare Marketplace
District of Columbia (Health Link) Healthcare Marketplace
Hawaii (Health Connector) Healthcare Marketplace
Idaho Healthcare Marketplace
Kentucky (Health Benefit Exchange) Healthcare Marketplace
Maryland Healthcare Marketplace
Massachusetts (Health Connector) Healthcare Marketplace
Minnesota (MNSURE) Healthcare Marketplace
Nevada (Health Link) Healthcare Marketplace
New York (Health Benefit Exchange) Healthcare Marketplace
Cover Oregon Healthcare Marketplace
Rhode Island Healthcare Marketplace
Vermont (Health Connect) Healthcare Marketplace
Washington Healthplan Finder Healthcare Marketplace

Application for Health InsuranceNote that your healthcare exchange may use licensed healthcare navigators to help you find the right plan for your family, but they cannot legally advise you on which plan to buy. In other states, volunteers and activist groups have gotten federal dollars to sign you up, and they may be ex-cons with limited training and no knowledge of insurance plans, and in fact they may try to indoctrinate you into their kooky beliefs but that is just something you have to deal with when you go to get your healthcare. In other news, the official Obamacare website took out references to "free" from their pages, so you may not be getting the plan you dreamed of. In fact, you could end up being very angry at the end of the process, where you just surrendered your social security number and personal income documents to a stranger with an agenda who may believe that "share the wealth" starts by borrowing the identity of someone who lives above the poverty line. Also, odds are that your health insurance navigator is a bitter diehard anarchist with a Master's Degree in Philosophy, Art, Humanities, or Communications. Enjoy the irony as this person pushes you through the application process for a multibillion dollar insurance company that steered enough political dollars into a plan that penalizes you if you don't buy its health insurance. Somewhere, a closed room full of billionaires is laughing at you, because you cling to the archaic belief that there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans.

Once again, for your further review, the states where you can sign up on state exchanges (not the site) are California, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington DC, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington State, which is on the other side of the country than DC but I once had a girlfriend who was so clueless that she thought the nation's capital was right over there by Vancouver. Imagine Lewis and Clark guiding Congress to the Capitol every year up the Missouri river and through the Buffalo infested Great Plains. Ah well, if you are dumb enough to think that you will be better off under the Affordable Care Act, then I suppose you don't care where your DC fantasyland is.